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  • Q:Where can i find Syke'ja products or a salon that uses Syke'ja products?
    A: Currently, we are building our salon network within the salon locator database. If you'd like your local salon to carry Syke'ja products please email us at and have your licensed stylist or barber complete our registration form.
  • Q: I do not live in the United States, how can i buy your products?"
    A: Contact the home office of Monarch Forty Four by email at with your request and someone will reach out to you within one business day.
  • Q:How can i track my shipment?
    A: You can track your shipment by using the tracking number you received via the shipping confirmation.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    A: The delivery method you choose will determine the length of time it will take the shipment to reach its final destination once its shipped from our warehouse. You will receive a tracking number via e-mail confirming that your order has been shipped. All products are shipped from Charleston South Carolina.
  • Q: Where do orders ship from?
    A: All products are shipped from Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Q: Which carrier will deliver my package?
    A: Most deliveries are handled by UPS. FedEx and USPS will sometimes be used depending on final destination.
  • Q: If my products are damaged /missing upon delivery, whom should i contact?"
    A: For damages or missing products , please contact us via email at .
  • Q:Why can i not buy your professional products online?
    A: We do not take online orders for our professional line of products. If you are a licensed stylist or barber, please contact your local Syke'ja rep. If you do not know your local Syke'ja distributor, please email us at .
  • If i am not a licensed cosmetologist, can i buy your professional products?"
    A: Syke'ja is only sold to professionally licensed stylist and barbers who make our products available in a studio near you. If you would like Syke'ja in your local salon contact us at
  • If i am a licensed cosmetologist, how do i buy your products?"
    A: If you are a licensed stylist or barber, please contact your local Syke'ja distributor. If you do not know your local Syke'ja distributor, please email us at If you do not have a local Syke'ja distributor in your area, contact our inside sales department at 1 877 795 3522 ext 2
  • How can i become a Syke'ja distributor ?
    A: As with any sales position, self- motivation and people skills are an asset. Servicing salons with Syke'ja products are done on a bi-weekly basis for effective distribution and service to your customers. If you are interested, please submit your request including your name and complete adres including any apartment numbers to to receive a distributor package.
  • What are the responsibilities of a Monarch Forty Four, Inc distributor?"
    A: A representative of Syke'ja products is a distributor for Monarch Forty Four, Ins. You are responsible, first and formost, for serving the licensed cosmetoligist in your area. Of course this includes visiting salons on a regular basis and marketing Monarch Forty Four, Inc products however, Monarch Forty Four, Inc distributors are also responsible for the following: Leading a local team of sales reps and Monarch Forty Four , Inc educators to meet the needs of their customers. Managing the finances of their business properly . Ordering and managing local product inventory. Holding educational workshops and event as warranted in their markets. Marketing their business locally. Communicating market conditinos to home office so the customers' needs can be met more effectively. And countless other task required to truly be the professional cosometoligist partner in beauty.
  • Q: What are the key qualifications to become a distributor for Monarch Forty Four, Inc?"
    A: A succesful distributor canidate will possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He or she will not have skill set to simply be a "salesperson" but an owner/operator of a distribution business. Given all the responsibilities listed above, distributor candidates must possess the following: Demonstrate successful business experience Demonstrate successful sales experience Possess a passion for helping customers run succeesful businesses
  • Q: Do i need to have previous experience in the hair care industry to become a distributor?
    A: Prior experience in the hair care industry is not required to become a distributor with Monarch Forty Four, Inc but it is certainly a plus. Monarch Forty Four, Inc is committed to giving each of its distributors the product and business knowledge to operate an excellent distribution business that serves its customers well.
  • Can i work as a distributor for Monarch Forty Four, Inc part-time?"
    A: No. Given the size of the responsibility and opportunity , a successful candidate must be willing to work as a distributor on a full time a basis. No candidate who intends to work part-time will be considered.
  • Q: Are there any other requirements for a potential distributor?
    A: Upon becoming a distributor with Monarch Forty Four, Inc there are resources that must be in place to ensure success. INITIAL INVESTMENT: Approximately $ 5,500.00 to start your inventory. A potential distributor must be able to make an initial investment of at least $ 2,500.00 in product. In addition, the distributor will have to have at least $3,000.00 in working capital to cover business expenses during the ramp up phase of the business. STORAGE FACILITY: A potential distributor will need to secure a storage facility at least 10'x 20' in size in which to store product. DELIVERY VEHILCE: A potential distributor will need to secure a vehicle (Most likely a cargo van) large enough to carry the entire line of Monarch forty Four, Inc products and serve salon customers. TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: A potential distributor must have a windows compatible PC computor and high speed internet access i order to interface with Monarch Forty Four, Inc's internal systems.
  • Q: How does Monarch Forty Four, Inc train its distributors?"
    A: Each new distributor upon being awarded the distributorship in his/her area will benefit from intensive training held both at our corporate offices and in the field.
  • Q: There is already a distributor in my area. Can i distributr in this area, as well?"
    A: No. Monarch Forty Four, grants its distributors the right to distribute Syke'ja products exclusively in their distribution areas and in return, we expect the same level of exclusivity. Syke'ja distributors are not permitted to market competitive hair care products.
  • I am not sure if there is a distributor in my area. How can i find out?
    A: Syke'ja is focused on distributing in most major metropolitan areas within the U.S. Please contyact our corporate office via email at to learn if there is a distributor in your area. Please note that our only serve licensed cosmetologist working in licensed salons. If you are a consumer seeking a retailer of Syke'ja products i your area, please contact our home office to locate a salon in your area that carries Syke'ja products.
  • Q: Where are you willing to place new distributors?
    A: Currently , we would be willing to consider adding distribution in the following areas: Chicago, IL Houston, TX Seattle, WA Portland, OR St Louis, MO New York, NY Balitomore, Philadelphia Los Angeles, Ca Columbus, OH Las Vegas, NV Raleigh, NC Dallas-Fortworth, TX San Antonio, TX Pheonix, AZ Pittsburg, PA Indianapolis, IN Jacksonville, Florida Memphis, TN New Orleans, LA Columbia, SC Mobile, AL Gulfport-Biloxi, MS Charleston, WV
  • Q: There are no distributors in my area, but my area is not included among the places Monarch Forty Four, Inc is currently seeking distributors. Why not?"
    A: If your home area does not have a Syke'ja distributor and is not listed above, this may mean your areas does not have a demand for Syke'ja products however, we are still willing to work to open up an exclusive territory. Please call us at 1 877 795 3522 Ext 2
  • Do you offer refunds?
    A.There are no refunds. If the product(s) are defective we will assess and determine the appropriate next steps wheter that be an instore credit or a replacement of the same item.
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