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Our vision is to provide a well-rounded educational opportunity that helps guide the next generation of hair care and beauty experts. Syke'ja University instructors utilize their wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver training for seasoned and upcoming licensed cosmetologist that go beyond technical skills.


We've incorporated our Syke'ja Salon Business Curriculum to help you to be the very best, as well as grow your business.

If you’re searching for the opportunity to be creative every single day, serve your community and enjoy a flexible schedule, then we invite you to explore the Cosmetology, Barber, and Teacher Trainee programs at Syke'ja University. 


If you would also like to partner with us and you have a salon that grows your employees with education we want to be apart of it. Contact us at 1 877 Syk'eja 2 Ext 5

Syke'ja in focus

Syke'ja Universirty is influential throughout the world. 


Although we have a global presence consisting of educators throughout the U.S, Europe, West and South Africa our headquarters is located in the historical South Carolina , United States.

The world of beauty is international and the career opportunities are many to both younger and maturer  students who wish to retrain for a new company and career.

Our educator opportunities and skill sets are varied and are accessible to students with an ideal mindset for learning.


The staff of Syke'ja University continually upgrades cirriculum to insure the students have the best possible training.

We invite you to take advantage of our unique programs… Study hard, set goals, and you will succeed in becoming part of this billion-dollar industry!


Through ethical educational practices we train to find fulfillment in the future and prepare for careers in the professions of cosmetology using Syke'ja products.  Our goal is to make successful global citizens wherever they reside.


1 877 Syke'ja 2



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